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Aerial Electrical Fittings >>> Cable connector >>> Insulated Piercing Connector KT3-95

Insulated Piercing Connector KT3-95

Waterproof Insulation Piercing Connectors(IPC)



Main:25-95 mm2

Branch:25-95 mm2

for indoor/outdoor are designed for comply with most worldwide standards. 
 Connection Quality: "Hot spots" are eliminated with a shear head screw that ensures the correct tightening torque
Easy installation: To install the whole series as only two hex wrenches (1/2" and 5/8").
Safe: I.P.C can be installed on an energized conductor, however, the tap must not be under load.
Corrosion Resistant: Connectors are made from high strength corrosion resistant plastic and galvanized steel bolts (stainless steel is available upon request).
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